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How do we work

1Initial Assessment

2-4 days are required to perform an initial assessment of your project or business idea. You get the feedback and an estimate of costs involved.
Provided feedback helps you to better understand and calculate economics of the idea.

How do we Assess

100h 45h 45h 70h 32h 320h 50h sms mailers tpls js files modules objects Choose your mode DEVELOPMENT SPEED Summary 1000 hours 20 weeks 5 workers Click and start animation Your idea

2Detailed Plan

We deep dive into planning and spend 2-6 weeks preparing detailed plan of attack for your idea.

Each component of the systems is designed using as much details as possible e.g. File structure, interfaces, relations, signatures, etc.

Andrew Popov

A detailed technical planning is a vital part of our job as it helps to avoid critical architectural errors. We involve our team’s key members into the planning process and make sure to provide the most accurate timeframes for the development process.

Andrew Popov
CEO of Webdelo Studio, Co-Fouder and CTO of V.P.U.T.

Main principles

  • DB
  • Backend
  • Workers
  • Work
  • Frontend
The Technical Plan is Ready!
How do we work


We identify individual sprints for coding process and each of those usually takes 1-3 weeks. User and Developer tests are performed for each of the sprint and customer has transparent process and can easily track the progress.

12 days Payment processing and billing 38 days Truck drivers and customer personal pages 17 days Customer Order processing 62 days Backend administration functionality 32 days
Based on true story of development

4Go-Live and Support

We support our customers and consider each project as our own child. We deploy developed system into production and configure required infrastructure for the service to run smoothly.

We will be there to support you if you have any problems.

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Production environment
  • Maps, Calendar, Directions, Autocomplete
  • SMS
  • Payments
  • Back ups, SSL configuration etc.

Rest API

We use the universal language of communication between the client application and the server.

Restful API diagram

The universal language of communication between the client application and the server

Web application with growth prospects

The business logic of your project is contained in the server application.
The web application is the first impression of client's interaction with you.

Simple development

To connect a new application, only the interface development is required. The business logic is still stored in the server application.

Power increase

The smart application structure makes fail-safe features available even in high-load projects

Independent development teams

Each team focuses on its own part of work, reaching the high-quality and speeding up the development process.
The classical approach means that developers are constantly moved from one part of the project to another, which negatively affects the quality.
Through the use of API documentation, the independent teams can start working simultaneously, regardless if the other parts of the project are ready or not.
The classical approach forces developers to wait a certain part of the project to be completed in order to proceed to another.
The smart structure of the application speeds up the development process and allows to expand it.
Backend application Backend application II Team III api.vput.eu/v1/transfers GET [ list of transfers for client ] /App/Transfer/.../TransferController.php@index api.vput.eu/v1/transfers/ POST boolean /App/Transfer/.../TransferController.php@store api.vput.eu/v1/transfers/aeroports GET [ list of transfers for client ] /App/Transfer/.../TransferController.php@aeroports api.vput.eu/v1/transfers/cities GET [ list of transfers for client ] /App/Transfer/.../TransferController.php@cities api.vput.eu/v1/transfers/{id} PUT boolean /App/Transfer/.../TransferController.php@update api.vput.eu/v1/transfers/{id}/cancel PUT int /App/Transfer/.../TransferController.php@cancel api.vput.eu/v1/transfers/price/{cityId}/{aeroportId}/{passengers} GET int /App/Transfer/.../TransferController.php@price api.vput.eu/v1/bookings/transfers GET [ list of transfers for client and bookings ] /App/Booking/.../TransferController.php@index api.vput.eu/v1/bookings/transfers/{id}/cancel PUT int /App/Booking/.../TransferController.php@cancel api.vput.eu/v1/admin/transfers/statuses GET [ list of transfers statuses ] /App/Transfer/.../TransferAdminController.php@statuses api.vput.eu/v1/admin/transfers/carTypes GET [ list of transfers car types ] /App/Transfer/.../ TransferAdminController.php@carTypes api.vput.eu/v1/admin/transfers/aeroports GET [ list of transfers statuses ] /App/Transfer/.../ TransferAdminController.php@aeroports api.vput.eu/v1/admin/transfers/cities GET [ list of transfers car types ] /App/Transfer/.../TransferAdminController.php@cities RESTful API Your web app Team II Your mobile app Team I Your desktop app API Approach Mobile Web Backend 25 days 15 days 30 days 30 days Single Team 40 days 16 days 34 days Usual Approach 90 days

Our technologies

Front End

The innovations in front-end development allowed us to build complex corporate applications, which are easy to maintain and upgrade.

Back End

The modern frameworks allow us to faster develop complex applications, to easily apply pattern solutions for typical tasks and to keep our code up to date.


By actively using API of international services, we significantly expand features of our applications, spending time and money of our customers as little as possible.


The modern environment configuration tools allow us to conveniently work on several projects and to fast involve new developers.


We can make releases and updates 10 times per day, if you please. And we are sure that, after automated tests, the project will work exactly as it is meant to work!

Angular 5
  • Angular Material
  • Type Script
  • Sass
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Grunt
  • { REST }
  • php7


  • Loop Back
  • Express.js
  • Google Maps
  • Google Directions
  • Google Places
  • Google Calendar

Other API

  • YouTube
  • facebook
amazon web services
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon SES
  • Amazon RDS
  • ravel Dusk
  • PHPUnit

Other Tools

  • GitHub
  • JIRA

Our team

We know how to create convenient and beautiful websites, mobile and web applications, where each button works and is in its proper place. We do everything possible to let companies and their customers feel comfortable in the digital environment.

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    Finished projects
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Our contacts


Phone: +373 (69) 377 248
Skype: webdelo.org
Address: Moldova, Bender, 28 Suvorov st. Business Center "Sheriff", office 38

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